Using Real Estate for Fundraising

The idea that anytime someone buys a home, “The American Dream”, it can help support your charity or cause, provides every American a unique opportunity to give, in support of a passion. Whatever your fundraising needs are (church building fund, private school, a charity or non-profit) a portion of all your supporters’ realtors commissions can be allocated toward your mission anytime any of them purchase a home.


Because buying a home is the largest purchase most people will ever make in their lifetime, it stands to reason that for ongoing and large sum fundraising, done properly, home sales could be among the best ways ever conceived to raise money for a worthy cause. They already have a desire to help your cause, and this program costs them (and you) nothing! 25% of the Realtor’s Buyer Agent’s commission will be donated to your cause or fund, when they buy their new home!

There are a lot of ways to fundraise, but one of the most effective ways is to provide a product that people would want to purchase, while also supporting your fund. Since the buyer agent’s commission is already included in the purchase price of the home, why wouldn’t a home-buyer want to see some of that money go to support a cause dear to their hearts?

How much can we raise using FundraisingwithRealEstate?


Just 20 people purchasing a $200,000 home would raise. $30,000.

Just 40 people purchasing home averaging $300,000 throughout your entire organization would raise: $90,000 for your organization.

Have a large organization?  Just 150 people buying houses that average $250,000 over the course of a year (small percentage for large organizations) would generate $281,250.

Some organizations are large enough to generate many times this amount, especially with ongoing campaigns.

Next time they buy a home, why not seek out your “Fundraising With Real Estate” program, so they can change others’ lives, while they start their new life in their new home? Contact us today or click here for more information.