Personalized Website for Your Campaign/Organization

As a fundraising participant in our program, Fundraising With Real Estate will supply you with a personalized website for your campaign or organization at no charge. With your consultation we will purchase a designated web address to send your prospective participants! We will also build a user-friendly website and tailor it to your organizations’ specific goals. We can Show pictures of the ongoing progress of your building program, your charitable project or your mission.


We will develop your site and post your pictures. You can use the website to send your members or prospective donors to see progress on your building program, fund drive, or long-range planning. Send the web address to your email list. Use the Home page to write your basic mission or purpose for funds and to post progress reports.

Many churches and other organizations are in some sort of building project or funding campaign a majority of the time. Don’t wait until the funds are needed. Use this program and website to get ahead and as an ongoing fundraising campaign.

Our primary focus at this point will be the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, but we have the ability to expand wherever…

How much can we raise using FundraisingwithRealEstate?


Just 20 people purchasing a $200,000 home would raise. $30,000.

Just 40 people purchasing home averaging $300,000 throughout your entire organization would raise: $90,000 for your organization.

Have a large organization?  Just 150 people buying houses that average $250,000 over the course of a year (small percentage for large organizations) would generate $281,250.

Some organizations are large enough to generate many times this amount, especially with ongoing campaigns.

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